Healthcare for All

Healthcare is basic dignity of human life in modern civilization. Project Vikram is setting up the tools for an accessible virtual hospital. These include EMR, HMS, PACS among other tools along with AI enablement

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democratised singularity

Singularity Tech for All

Science and technology have ushered in a new era for our species, but the advances have also ridged new divides. Project Vikram is developing technologies to bridge the current digital divide and the impending cognitive divide

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language neutrality

Linguistic Inclusivity

Free as in freedom! True freedom can only be achieved in the most creative states of mind. The mind is most creative when free to work with the mother tongue. Project Vikram together with Project Hindawi is ushering in lanaguage neutrality across technical domains.

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Launched 3rd May 2020

Note: This is an initial announcement. Project Vikram is a project to make rural digitalization accessible, inclusive and democratized (as in equal opportunity not political). The project works on the digitalization of at least the following areas.

  1. Education

  2. Healthcare

  3. Livelihood (ISIC domains of economic activities)

  4. Social Justice

  5. Habitat and Environment

  6. Agriculture and Food

  7. Peace and harmony through social dialog

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